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This is an exciting time in Somali politics. We have the opportunity to develop a positive, forward-looking agenda that helps meet the big challenges our country faces, and helps make our country a better place to live.

You can play your part by joining the Garsoor Party. Our Party will be a voice for change, optimism and hope. It will be a party that represents everyone in Somalia. We are a party eager to rebuild and strengthen our society for the benefit of all.

By joining us, you will be entitled to take part in discussions about policy; to select candidates for seats; and you can also be able to shape the direction of the party.

Your subscription amount is at your discretion but we recommend a subscription of £25 or $30

Please note that in the case of a leadership election you are required to be a member of three months standing in order to be able to qualify.

There are two ways to join us:

You can download an application form by clicking here

Online form and payment with a credit card via Paypal: Please click here